Tecumseh teens charged with terrorism in high school threat

TECUMSEH, MI (Toledo News Now) - Terrorism charges have been filed against a pair of Tecumseh teens accused of plotting to hurt teachers and students.

The 16-year-olds have been charged with threat of terrorism, a felony that carries a sentence of up to 20 years behind bars.

"I'm glad they're charging these kids, and honestly, hopefully they charge them as adults," said Rob Cotton, the father of a teen who attends Tecumseh High School.

It's not yet known if the teens will be charged as adults. They are accused of threatening to hurt people at the high school on September 11.

Until police release specific details about the plot, it's leaving parents like Cotton with only rumors about what could've happened.

"When you're talking about kids that are rumored to have semi-automatic or fully automatic weapons within a couple of hundred yards of your house, and your son is in there in a building that becomes a shooting gallery, it's very nerve-wracking," said Cotton.

Fast work from school officials and police along with anonymous tips stopped what could have been a tragic event at Tecumseh High School.  Parents in the community are still coming to grips with it.

"You see this stuff all the time on the news but you never really think it's going to be in your backyard, literally," said Cotton, "so it was a little scary once we found out how serious it was."

The two teens are currently locked up in a juvenile facility and they are suspended from school indefinitely.  Police are continuing with their investigation.


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