TPS officials remind students, parents of safety after DeVeaux stranger danger incident

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - TPS officials are reminding students to walk to and from school in groups after a recent stranger danger incident near DeVeaux Elementary School.

Last Thursday, a student says he was riding his bike to a convenience store when he was approached by a stranger asking him to get in his car. The incident occurred at the intersection of Upton and Talbot around 2 p.m. The student had stayed home sick from school that day and was on his way to get a soda to calm his stomach.

School officials say they were notified about the incident on Friday and immediately sent out a message to parents.

"Within two hours, we have gone from start to finish and notified 435 parents and families of the potential danger," said DeVeaux Principal Chad Henderly. "I guess it's better to know too much and be on the side of high alert as opposed to not knowing."

Henderly says Toledo Police were also notified immediately to investigate. He says during situations like this, parents are notified quickly by social media, a school app, and a recorded messaging system.

Henderly says he wants to make sure students are walking together in groups to and from school, and he's asking neighbors in the area to keep a watchful eye.

"If there's any neighbors that can help with rides or just walking to and from school," he said. "It's pretty easy to see the kids when they're leaving in the morning, who is walking to and from school, just having those buddies."

The principal wants to make sure all parents stay up-to-date with social media and use their app, Remind 101, as well as sign up for text alerts.

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