Exterminator says local bee population up this year

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - It's been a busy month for Michael Lee of Friends Termite and Pest Control.

Normally, he'll have 5-10 complaints a day about bees and yellowjackets.

Lately, the number has been between 35-50.

"It was pretty bad. I'd say it was a serious problem," said Anthony Holder, one of Mr. Lee's recent customers.

He discovered a huge, buzzing hive in his roof line.

And there's another unbelievable story in the same neighborhood.

"There's one bee that got into my car and it wouldn't go out. I had to wait for the bee to go out before my kids went in," said Zahtda Mohiuddin.

Mr. Lee says you can blame the bee infestation on our harsh winter.

More of them survived because the ground was insulated with heavy snow.

"And so in the spring, after that snow thawed, things got revved up, there's a lot more of them to perpetuate the species, carry on if you will," said Mr. Lee.

Mr. Lee says the bee population normally tapers off at this point in the year, but not this year.

If you have a problem, call a professional.

There is one tip to avoid getting stung.

"As far as keeping them from nesting in your home, you always want to seal the cracks that leave the voids where the queen gets in and starts their nest."

And he expects the bees to buzz off with the first hard frost, good news for Ms. Mohiuddin.

"They're good when it comes to honey. But not when they sting," she said.

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