Toledo Humane Society asking for help with information on the Point Place dog poisoning

POINT PLACE, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Cerveny family is grieving after their family dog Winnie passed away from what the vet says appears to be antifreeze poisoning. Now the Humane Society has a message for dog owners in Point Place.

The Toledo Humane Society confirms that several dog owners in point place have reached out to them to investigate. The Humane Society has started an investigation but say they don't have enough details to go any further.

"Our officers have looked into it and they have investigated it but they really don't have a ton to go off of at this time, unless someone has tips or someone has witnessed something where they can give a name or address or something to help our officers dig into it a little bit further," said Danielle Jones from the Toledo Humane Society.

Jones says any tip will be useful, whether it's a vehicle description, license plate number or suspicions person, people can remain anonymous and possibly help them track down the person responsible.

If you have any information all the Humane Society at 419-891-9777.

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