Forbes magazine says Toledo is a land of opportunity

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Forbes magazine has not always been very kind to Toledo. Back in 2012 Toledo was eighth on Forbes most miserable city list and eleventh in 2013. Now Forbes magazine is saying Toledo is a land of opportunity.

Most of the cities in the opportunity list, according to Forbes, are small enough for entrepreneurs to make their mark but large enough to offer quality of life attractions like museums, parks and a thriving downtown.

Other qualities listed in the cities of opportunity include affordable housing and an environment promoting creativity.

According to Forbes, these qualities come without a pressure cooker professional environment and stressful high housing costs that people find in many of the nation's biggest job centers.

The bottom line is that Toledo is a place where people can make their mark.

Four of Forbes' cities of opportunity in Ohio include Columbus as number one, Akron as thirteenth and Cincinnati as eighteenth.

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