Volunteers cleaning up Toledo waterways as part of the Clean Your Streams program

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Volunteers are participating in 'Clean Your Streams' Saturday. The project focuses on helping clean up Toledo waterways.

Ryan Odendahl is volunteering his time from 8:00 a.m. to noon Saturday to help clean trash at Olander Park. He says he's also taking some boy scouts to help this year.

"It's been a good lesson for the boys, it's a good community event," said Odendahl. "I think it is a small part of your day to give up to help a larger cause."

There are seven locations across the Toledo area were volunteers can help clean. This year there are more than a thousand people helping with the effort.

Partners for Clean Streams Outreach Coordinator Ava Slotnick says the trash that is collected by volunteers is then taken and stored into data to make sure that the environment stays clean.

"That data helps law makers and policy makers make better decisions," said Slotnick. "Sometimes locally it's realizing that we need to put more trash cans out at the beach, or it has helped certain companies make smarter choices."

Slotnick says 'Clean Your Streams' is not directly connected to helping Toledo's algae bloom problem, which created the water crisis. She says the effort does help people gain a deeper understanding of the environment.

"Getting them connected to the water, connected to the rivers is a huge step in understanding the water crisis that we have here in the Toledo area," said Slotnick.

Volunteers will be meeting at Olander Park, Monroe Street United Methodist Church, UT Law School, UT Medical Center, Side Cut Metropark, Oregon Municipal Building and Promenade Park.

For more information on how to volunteer click here.

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