Toledo leaders introduce a blight app for the city to end neighborhood eyesores

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The city of Toledo has been in a blight fight. On Thursday leaders introduced a new tool residents can use to eliminate the eyesores.

Mayor D. Michael Collins Executive Assistant Lisa Ward says it's a phone app called 'See-Click-Fix.'

"It's anonymous if you want it to be," said Ward. "The only thing you'll have to add is an e-mail or cell phone number if you want to be updated."

Ward says there will be a series of questions to answer, such as whether the property is vacant, boarded up or has other issues. Then the complaint will be prioritized.

For example, Ward says a pot hole complaint moves ahead of a tall grass complaint.

"Then when they get submitted to code enforcement, code enforcement automatically gets this in the e-mail box" said Ward.

Residents can still call the city or council members with blight complaints, but Mayor Collins says the app is the best way to be heard, especially Block watch groups.

"It's error free because it deals with latitude and longitude," said Collins. "The GPS component of it pretty much simplifies it and a 360 turnaround on information."

Collins says forty other cities have a similar app and believes it will increase inspector productivity.

"So it takes our community into the 21st Century and brings us into where we need to be with social media and speed up information," said Collins.

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