Bowsher High School students run a book drive to help district

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Students at Bowsher High School say Toledo has given so much to them, they want to give back.

"They give so much to us, they give to the schools, they keep supporting us in all different ways," said student Ian Vogt. "We just want to give back to them."

Vogt is one of 12 Bowsher students in 'Leading Rebels,' a group that was created last year to work on community service projects.

A new project will be held each month this school year. Vogt says a book drive for children was their first project and kicked off this week.

"They're going to be donated to 21 local doctor offices and then to three new TPS clinics," said Vogt.

The students come up with every project they do, finding ways they can give back while setting an example for others.

Student member Randall Pryor says they want their school to be known for the good they do and they hope to inspire others to do the same.

"We want to be the number one school in TPS and around the Toledo district," said Pryor. "Don't downgrade TPS like we're just another district. We're one of the best!"

Pryor says no goal is too big for the Leading Rebels.

"We want to have a minimum of 500," said Pryor.

To make a book donation visit Bowsher High School at 2200 Arlington Ave, in Toledo.

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