Two teens charged after Tecumseh High School threat

TECUMSEH, MI (Toledo News Now) - More details continue to come out regarding the recent threat at Tecumseh High SchoolTwo students were arrested accused in a plot that could've very easily turned tragic.

Tecumseh Police Chief Troy Stern says a dangerous situation at the high school was definitely avoided.

"This threat was a legitimate threat and it's not anything that we ever anticipated," said Stern.

That threat involved two 16-year-old students at Tecumseh High School who are accused of plotting to hurt students and teachers on Thursday, September 11.  The two students were arrested and suspended from school.

"The two juveniles have been formally charged through the Lenawee County Prosecutors office through the Probate Division," said Stern. "However, at this point I'm not comfortable releasing what those charges actually are."

Anonymous tips from callers and fast action from police and school officials helped stop what may have been a tragic event.  Police say they have evidence which confirms the threat…at this time the type of materials obtained is not being released.

"We are analyzing evidence that was obtained in the course of two search warrants that were conducted on the residences of the juveniles," said Stern.

In a letter sent out to parents from Tecumseh Public Schools Superintendent Kelly Coffin, she outlines what happened and she praises all those who helped in preventing the plot.  The two suspects remain in the juvenile system while police continue their investigation.

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