Point Place family lost their dog after they say someone poisoned her

POINT PLACE, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Point Placefamily is without their dog after they say someone purposely poisoned andkilled her.

"We're veryupset, we're very frustrated, we've been crying for days now," said pet owner LauraCerveny.

Cerveny says shetook her dog Winnie to the vet earlier this week but wasn't prepared for whatshe was about to hear. The vet told Cerveny her dog had ingested antifreeze andwould not pull through.

Cerveny saysthey searched their home and car to try and figure out where it may have comefrom. It wasn't until the same thing happened to several other dogs on the streetthat they realized someone may be purposely poisoning the dogs.

"We don't know if theyare trying to get stray cats and stray dogs and domestic dogs are getting intoit or if someone is targeting dogs in this area," said Cerveny.

Shesays she called police and they referred her to an animal cruelty investigator.In the meantime Cerveny says they are warning neighbors to keep their dogsinside and to watch what they eat.

You can stop animal cruelty by reporting it tothe Toledo Humane Society at 419-891-9777.

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