ODOT campaign telling drivers to pay more attention

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Ohio Department of Transportation is starting a state-wide campaign telling drivers to pay attention on the roads in an effort to prevent construction zone accidents.

ODOT spokesperson Teresa Pollick says the construction going on now is the most northwest Ohio has ever seen at once.

"It's time to invest in them because they basically reach the end of their pavement condition, obviously it's not the best and that's why we are doing these projects," said Pollick. "It's so important for everybody to understand that is the reason we are doing all these projects at once, because we need them."

Pollick says a campaign like this one is needed in order to keep everyone safe on the roads.

"Whether it's eating, putting on make-up, talking on the phone, put those down because we are seeing a lot of construction in northwest Ohio," said Pollick.

Driving southbound on I-75 approaching I-280 is a billboard reading 'Hey you eating the burger… eyes on the road!'

Drivers like Bill Cusack are skeptical of the ODOT campaign.

"It wouldn't change my habits, sometimes I do eat but I don't look at billboards and I certainly, if there was one that said lipstick, I would still wear, you know, I'd wear lipstick! I wouldn't change a thing," said Cusack.

Pollick says the campaign is costing $750,000 in tax payer money. The campaign will continue for the next two years as well as projects to help notify the public on upcoming construction.

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