Neighbors realize motion lights are dismantled after west Toledo burglary

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A strange burglary in a quiet west Toledo neighborhood has led residents to discover something even more alarming: Their motion-activated lights weren't working.

On Labor Day morning, two suspects entered a garage on the 4200 block of Garrison and stole $3,000 worth of electronics. The owner, Steven Dixon, woke up and chased the thieves to a getaway car a few houses down.

"All of a sudden, a noise woke me up and there were two gentlemen in my garage," he said.

After that incident, neighbors began to realize they may have been targeted, as well, and that their motion lights weren't working.

"My light bulb has been unscrewed," said resident Ashley Marok. "In the back, it's been disconnected, and it's absolutely terrible we have to deal with this in our family neighborhood."

It's possible the thieves were dismantling the lights so they could creep unnoticed through the neighborhood.

"Many of the houses on this block have a gate," Dixon said. "Meaning they had to go through the gate to get to the light to unscrew them."

Dixon says he is worried for his neighbors.

"These kids are fearless. They really don't care. I don't know if they will hurt anyone, but they are willing to do whatever," he said.

"It scares me to know there are people right next to your home or in your home," Marok said.

Residents of this or any neighborhood should check their motion detector lights to make sure they're working properly.

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