Toledo Public School's Head Start Program is now running after 40 years

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Toledo Public School District is running the city's Head Start Program for the first time in 40 year.

Before TPS hit the ground running they wanted to make sure all documents were up to date and as a result the program started a week late. But despite the tardy start TPS says parents are excited to have this program available for their kids.

TPS along with other Lucas County agencies were awarded $8 million in federal funds to keep the program alive while other Head Start programs across Ohio were forced to shut their doors last year.

Head Start Transformational Leader Amy Allen says they program has 640 students enrolled and each day is becoming smoother.

"We're working out the bus times. It's a little bit of a challenge when you have three year olds and four year olds trying to get on and off buses," said Allen. "It's a little bit tricky, so with each day it gets a little bit smoother, by next week it will be off without a hitch."

A federal grant will allow TPS to run the program for the next five years.

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