Oregon Police: Thief steals bike from developmentally disabled woman

Surveillance video of the suspect
Surveillance video of the suspect

OREGON, OH (Toledo News Now) - A man was caught on camera stealing a bike from a developmentally disabled woman at a Kroger in Oregon.

The theft occurred on Saturday at the Kroger on Navarre Avenue. Video shows the suspect standing on the sidewalk near the bike for several minutes. After looking around, he jumps on the bike and rides away.

The 52-year-old victim told Oregon Police she rode her bike to the store and parked it, without locking it, near the entrance.

The bike is a sage green Tommy Electra 26-inch mountain bike with a basket in the front. Police are hoping the public will help identify the suspect and locate the bike.

"There's three of us that are looking into this," said Oregon Det. Ryan Spangler. "We want to get the bike back. The bike means everything to her; it's a prize of hers. We feel bad for the victim because she is completely being taken advantage of."

Police say anyone with information that can help in this case should call them at 419-698-7069.

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