Mayor Collins asking city council to approve a no interest loan from the Ohio EPA

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo Mayor D. Michael Collins wants to spend $400 million on improvements to the Collins Park Water Treatment Plant. In addition Collins is asking city council to approve an application for a zero percent interest loan from the Ohio EPA's water supply revolving loan account.

The interest free financial assistance would pay for technological improvements to help counter the algal bloom in Lake Erie that caused the water crisis back in August.

Mayor Collins Office says $50 million is available from the revolving loan account but that the resolution doesn't say how much of the pie Toledo would go after.

City Councilman Tom Waniewski says the no interest loan sounds good on the surface but he wants to make sure the city is spending the incoming money wisely.

"How much of it is used to help the farmers with their runoff? In the last month we have had all this money come into the system or the potential for money and I think what we need is an inventory of how much it is and what it's going to be used for. So it's not just willy nilly spent here and there," said Waniewski.

Mayor Collins is asking city council for a vote saying yes by next Tuesday being that the deadline to apply for the loan is September 30.

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