Perrysburg roundabout debate continues with area residents giving their opinions

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - The proposed roundabout in downtownPerrysburg has been stirring up a lot of debate. Tuesday area residentsfilled the council chambers wanting to share their opinion.

The topic of the roundabout wasnot on the agenda for the meeting held on Tuesday but that did not stop peoplefrom stepping one by one onto the podium to give their opinions on the proposedroundabout.

At the previous meetingcouncil discussed the downtown improvement plan which includes a crosswalk androundabout on Front and Louisiana.

Some city leaders say theseplans would improve traffic flow and allow for safer walking paths others likeHistoric Perrysburg President Larry Karnes disagree.

"There's just so much historic value with the way the city is laidout currently and to change that would destroy our heritage," said Karnes.

Perrysburg city council did not discuss the roundabout any furtheron Tuesday and say they are still getting feedback and looking at theiroptions.

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