Gas prices dropped in northwest Ohio to as low as $2.93 a gallon in some areas

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Gas prices have been decreasing at the pumps in northwest Ohio, including prices below $3 a gallon in some areas.

At the Speedway on Laskey and Secor gas prices are even as low as $2.93 a gallon. This is saving motorists a lot more money and drivers say they are hopeful the prices will continue to go down.

"I commute here to the University of Toledo to school so I drive about a thousand miles a week, so it's really nice to see gas prices are finally coming down to make my commute a lot cheaper," said Port Clinton resident Dylan Terry.

Toledo resident Josh says he can remember when gas was below a dollar a gallon.

"I remember when I first started driving, when I turned 16 it was 89 cents a gallon and I got my gas at Super America and now sometimes when it gets above $4 it's hard to drive around," said Josh.

Experts say a big reason for the lower gas prices is that US oil production is the highest it has been in 45 years.

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