Perrysburg school levy would pay for new fifth and sixth grade building

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Perrysburg School District now has an idea of where they want to put a new school if the November levy passes. Perrysburg School District Superintendent Tom Hosler says they would be looking at land on the southwest side of town.

"We don't have any property in our possession right now where we would like to put this five/six grade building, but we know where the center of Perrysburg is and that is actually by the Fort Meigs YMCA, in terms of where our students are," said Hosler.

If the levy passes the current junior high school would be turned into a seventh and eighth grade building and the new building would be a fifth and sixth grade building.

Residents are currently paying a levy that helped build Fort Meigs Elementary School. The superintendent wants to place the new levy after the old one expires in 2016. This levy would be $1.09 million more and cost a $200,000 home owner about $6.36 more per month.

Building a new school would cost $38.9 million. The superintendent says this is the best way to accommodate 600 new students while being fiscally responsible.

"We have portable classrooms at three out of our four elementaries and the junior high so any solution that we come up with has to relieve growth at the elementaries and also the junior high so building one building, an additional elementary school won't fix the junior high so this plan really does that," said Hosler.

Hosler says if the levy passes they would want to new building up and running by 2016.

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