Clay HS STRIDE program helping students reach academic goals

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Clay high school has started a new program called STRIDE, geared to help students reach their academic goals.

STRIDE stands for study, tutor, read, intervene, develop and enrich.

Over the summer the Oregon school board decided to add 15 minutes to the end of each school day. Now Clay High School Principal James Jurski says students will participate in the STRIDE program for 30 minutes each day.

"Students can go to their teachers to get help," said Jurski. "They can have enrichment activities and more things they can do with teachers."

Students also get to pick the teacher, subject and enrichment activity they would like to take part in during that 30 minute period.

The library has been turned into the learning commons area where students can study. It opens 30 minutes before the first bell and is staffed with teachers for tutoring in multiple subjects.

Assistant Principal Nathan Quigg says there's no longer an excuse for students, they can get help all day, during, before and after school.

Teachers aren't the only ones offering tutoring. Senior Emily Hook is assisting with practice for the history portion of the OGT along with 70 other students.

Hook says this helps build student teacher relationships and is a great way for students to start giving back before they graduate.

"You can go to a certain area and get the help you need and I think that is going to help throughout the years and being able to all the help you need," said Hook.

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