Age discrimination lawsuit reinstated in Lenawee County school district

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A lawsuit filed by a former principal of a Lenawee County high school against Tecumseh School district is back on track again.

The lawsuit was filed by Robert Scheick, the former principal at Tecumseh High School.  Scheick says that he was let go because of age discrimination.

"I think it's economics," said Tecumseh School District attorney Timothy Mullins, "I think he hoped or desired that he would continue to get both his retirement and this money for a longer period than three years."

Robert Scheik had retired as principal of Tecumseh High School back in 2006 at the age of 54.  He then became principal again of the high school for another three years through an outside contractor, collecting pension money as well as a principal's salary.

In 2010, the school district decided not to renew Scheik's contract and hired a 44-year-old replacement to be the new principal.  That's when the lawsuit was filed.

"In the documents that he has with the outside contracting agency," said Mullins, "he's indicated that it's an at-will position which can be terminated on a very short period of notice."

A district judge had ruled that there wasn't enough evidence to take the case to trial back in 2013.  Earlier this month, a Court of Appeals court reinstated the lawsuit and the case was returned to district court in Detroit.  No hearing or trial dates have yet to be scheduled.

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