Trial date set for former Riverdale teacher charged with child endangering

FINDLAY, OH (Toledo News Now) - A trial date has been set for a former Riverdale teacher caught on video grabbing a student by the face and lifting him off the ground.

Barbara Williams has been charged with child endangering in the case. A Findlay Municipal Court judge on Tuesday scheduled her trial to begin on December 15.

The trial date was set after a meeting between Williams, her attorney, prosecutors and the judge. Williams' attorney filed a motion for a change of venue.

Dan Margolis, attorney for the family of student Ian Nelson, says he's very unhappy with how this case is being handled so far. He gave an exclusive video interview to Toledo News Now.

"I've already learned that the prosecutor's office – although assurances were made the last time we were here – has not kept their word about anything," Margolis said.

He says the prosecutor's office told the Nelson family that the office would keep them in the loop and look into additional resources for forensic interviews with Ian to further the investigation. According to Margolis, none of that has happened so far.

"Ian Nelson has disclosed in the meantime to family members other acts of abuse during the school year last year by Williams," Margolis said.

He says the school interviewed Ian after the incident, but with a case as delicate as this, he says that's just not enough.

"There's no willingness to do a proper investigation. There's literally been zero investigation. Nobody's ever really talked to Ian," he said.

Margolis says he is looking at all of his options moving forward to try to get justice for the Nelson family.

"I'm going to huddle with some colleagues and we're going to decide what our next move should be," he said.

Toledo News Now reached out to the prosecutor's office but was not able to reach them for a comment.

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