Bowling Green couple on a mission to install AEDs in downtown businesses

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - BowlingGreen couple Jodi and David Anderson have put together a project called theHeart of BG with the goal to get AED machines in the stores and shopsthroughout the downtown area.

Jodisays how quickly an Automatic External Defibrillator can be accessed can be thedifference between life and death.

"I can't even put a price on howimportant it is to have an AED in the right place at the right time," said Jodi.

David's father went into cardiacarrest up in Michigan and the couple says the reason he is alive today isbecause of a business that had an AED and an employee who knew how to use it.

"I couldn't believe that a small littlebattery operated device could actually save somebody," said David.

Thecouple says they have made it their mission to bring more AEDs to the BowlingGreen area.

"It's something easy and wecouldn't believe nobody else hadthought of this," said David.

AEDshave already been installed in the Wood County Library, the Senior Center andwill soon be in Grounds for Thought.

"To know that these areavailable to you is a big deal," said David. "That they can walk in and say hey, 'Ifeel comfortable in this facility. I feel comfortable knowing that my mom anddad can walk in  to this facility andknow that they have medical equipment available to them if they need it.'"

TheAndersons also say they hope to eventually bring their efforts outside just thedowntown area.

"We just needed a focalpoint to start with and so that was our goal to start with that and expand fromthere," said Jodi.

AEDs cost around $1,200 a piece and the service clubs around BGhave already stepped up to fund the first three.

They are now working on away to accept donations from the public.

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