A new museum in Perrysburg is temporarily closed due to road construction

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) - The SpaffordHouse Museum opened in late June and after only two weeks decided to closeuntil construction on West River Rd was complete.

The MuseumCurator Christine Best says they weren't expecting the construction to take aslong as it has. She says with very little traffic going down the street it ishard to generate revenue and volunteers for the museum.

"The revenue that wecreate from admissions and possible donations that come in when people arehere, that is about 45% of our operating budget," said Best. "So if you're onlyopen six months out of the year, and three or four of them are affected by aroad closure, that really does put a kink in things."

Themuseum is only open from April 1 to Nov 1. Best says they are hoping to be openin October but will not know until the end of the month.

Ifyou would like to donate to the museum click here.

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