Collins Administration gets green light for bid on former Medcorp property

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - City Council voted unanimously Monday to allow the Collins administration to bid on the 4.2 acres of land formerly owned by Medcorp.

Mayor Mike Collins says his administration has been working on a bid for the former Medcorp property on Medcorp Dr and Stickney Ave in North Toledo since February.

"This is an opportunity that I'm not going to walk away from," said Mayor Collins.

Toledo's Director of Development Matt Sapara agrees that the opportunity is too good to pass up.

"The city of Toledo believes this is just an incredible piece of property from the transportation infrastructure perspective on the mass of the property can be aggregated with other pieces of property," said Sapara. "It just makes a lot of sense that the public has control of that property to enhance our manufacturing capability."

Sapara would not elaborate on who could eventually obtain the property but Mayor Collins says the end game for this is to see that the city of Toledo advance from an economic development stand point.

"I am not managing the city in decline, that has been the mantra around here far too long," said Collins. "I'm managing a city in the incline and this is consistent with my philosophy."

It is unknown at this point how much the city bid on the property. City officials say they want to make sure they don't jeopardize the bid by releasing information too soon.

More information should be available within 45 days if the offer is accepted.

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