BGSU tailgate fire caused by charcoal

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Cars went up in flames at Bowling Green State University's first home football game after someone unknowingly parked over a pileof hot charcoal.

"The breeze carriedthe flames to the adjacent vehicle," said Bowling GreenFire Chief Tom Sanderson. "So we had two vehicles with pretty substantialdamage and another one had some minor heat damage to the paint."

No one was injured and the fire department put out the fire quickly.

Now that football season is in full swing Chief Sanderson says they are urgingpeople to take the necessary safety precautions when tailgating.

"We need to make surethat people extinguish their cooking materials completely before they disposeof them," said Sanderson. "And that they dispose of them properly."

Sanderson also says the tailgaters should bring water to pour over thecoals when they're done and make sure they're not grilling under tents.

"They should make surethat they're completely distinguished and then theycan dispose of them in a proper receptacle," said Sanderson. "But not on the grass or in the parking lot, I mean these are hotcharcoal briquettes."

Chief Sanderson says leaving charcoal behind when it's still hot poses a significant danger to other people.

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