TPD: Thieves caught trying to sell stolen jewelry at pawn shop

Andre Turner (Source: Toledo Police)
Andre Turner (Source: Toledo Police)
William Crowell (Source: Toledo Police)
William Crowell (Source: Toledo Police)

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Two men are facing felony charges after police say they tried to unload some stolen jewelry at a Toledo pawn shop.

Police say Andrew Turner has been charged with felony theft after he stole a watch from Henry Jewelers in west Toledo.

Police say Turner asked to see a watch at the store Monday morning and when the employee pulled it out of the display Turner snatched it a ran out.

The employee then immediately called police along with other jewelry and pawn shops in the area to let them know what type of watch to look for.

Less than a half an hour later police say William Crowell went into the Standard Loan Pawn Shop downtown and tired to sell the same watch. The owners of the pawn shop then noticed it was stolen and called the police.

Police say Turner was outside in a car when officers arrived at the pawn shop.

The store owner Henry Triplett says he hopes this encourages all jewelry stores to work together and communicate.

"Anything strange that they see, anything look suspicious contact the other stores," said Triplett. "Let them know too and I think that will help out tremendously."

Triplett credits both the police and communication between the two stores for the arrest of the two men.

Crowell has been charged with one count of receiving stolen property, a felony.

Both men are scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday morning.

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