Bedford football field damage to cost at least $18,000

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI (Toledo News Now) - Vandalism at the Bedford High School football stadium caused an estimated $18,000 in damage, and that number could increase by the time repair work is finished.

Last week, Bedford school leaders said vandals broke into the football field and used gasoline or chemicals to damage the turf. The field couldn't be played on.

Since then, landscaping crews installed new sod and began fertilizing and watering the field in preparation of Bedford's homecoming game on Friday, Sept. 19.

Bedford Schools Superintendent Mark Kleinhans says sprinklers were working all day Monday to help blend the new sod with the grass that was not damaged.

"The sod is a little bit darker of a green type of grass so the hope is, the fertilizer will kick in and kind of green up the whole thing," said Kleinhans.

The damage affected the entire field and Bedford Track members Nick Wright says it's affecting all students.

"Just why, I don't understand why they would do that. It doesn't make any sense to me," said Wright. "It's a big part of your high school career, especially us being seniors. To have the football game here on a homecoming Friday and have the homecoming dance the next day, it's very important."

Superintendent Kleinhans says school officials are also considering adding more security cameras to the field to discourage future vandalism.

Bedford schools were able to get a deal on the new sod from a local company, plus a deal on the labor putting it in, but even with that the superintendent estimates it will cost between $10,00 and $18,000 to fix the damages.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office says they have questions three individuals but have not stated if any criminal charges have been filed.

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