Bedford Trustees feeling pressure to vote down road assessment plan

BEDFORD TOWNSHIP, MI (Toledo News Now) - The Bedford Township Trustees are proposing a quick fix to bumpy roads.

It's a $75 per year assessment for property owners for five years.

The group Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility is opposing the plan.

Sunday the group launched a petition drive across the township.

They're gathering signatures urging the board to drop the assessment plan.

"There are problems with roads. However, the township and the county both have surpluses in excess of what they could use for rainy day funds in order to take care of roads," said Dale Track of Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility.

The board does have the authority to approve the assessment on its own, but it wants public input.

Hearings are scheduled for September 23 and October 21.

The board will have a tough sell.

"Because I don't think it's right. Double taxation without representation. I think we should be able to vote on something like this," said Michael Topelian, who signed the petition.

Trustee Nancy Tienvieri opposes assessment too.

She says township general fund money could pay for road improvements for one year.

"I don't know how this is going to go. It's a divided board," said Tienvieri.

Citizens for Fiscal Responsibility hopes the Board will listen to the voice of the people, people circulating petitions and wearing t-shirts reading, 'Bedford Wake Up.'

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