Toledo questioning what to do with what's left of the historic smokestack

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The remaining smokestack at the former ACME plant is now fixed after an error at the implosion just a few weeks ago left the smokestack uneven and lower than anticipated.

The city attempted to save it, because of its historic nature, with a $475,000 HUD grant. Now, due to the error, the city is deciding on whether to make it into a lighthouse like structure or tear it down. The city says there are currently no funds to make either decision happen.

The remaining smokestack sits in east, which is Toledo City Councilman Mike Craig's district. Craig says he would like to see it demolished.

"I think if the demolition would have went the way that it was planned a one hundred foot lighthouse would have been good," said Craig. "I don't know if it would be cost effective now and at this point I think it would probably be better to just finish the demolition."

Craig believes it would take up to $40,000 to demolish what's left of the smokestack. The city says it will stay as is for now.

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