Lenawee Co. residents want landmark towers preserved

LENAWEE COUNTY, MI (Toledo News Now) - The historical Irish Hills Towers in Lenawee County are in jeopardy of being torn down, but residents in Cambridge Township are hoping to save them.

The towers have an interesting history, and now people are trying to preserve that history by keeping the towers from being demolished.

"I certainly don't want demolition - that's what we're looking to avoid," said Donna Boglarsky, president of the Irish Hills Historical Society.

At one time, the now 50-foot towers on US-12 in Cambridge Township brought in people from all over the region and even all over the country.  Visitors came to enjoy the view from the top or a friendly game of miniature golf on the grounds.  The site closed for good in 2000.

The Irish Hills Historical Society is interested in bringing the towers back to their glory days, transforming the building into a museum.

"We've got to stop tearing our history down, we need to support it," said Boglarsky. "We need to reinforce that so that people can know how much we've accomplished in all these years and the things that have happened."

Township officials have deemed the site structurally dangerous, according to the township's Dangerous and Unsafe Building Ordinance. They are considering demolition.

"We don't want the towers down either, nobody wants these towers torn [down]," said Cambridge Township Building Official Bruce Nickel. "But it is something that we have to look at...We have that ordinance and we need to follow through."

Boglarsky says a lot of work has been done to save the towers. The township will have an engineer examine the structure in the coming days and a decision on the fate of the towers could be made at the next board meeting in October.

For more information on the Irish Hills Towers or to find out how you can help, visit IrishHillsTowers.com.

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