Rossford gets bullet proof vest for K-9

ROSSFORD, OHIO (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Rossford Police K-9 Gideon has beenwith the department since 2012. Rossford Police Chief Glenn Goss says thanks to JP's Black Belt Academy Gideon will now be protected by a new bullet proof vest.

"If we getinto a situation where we need to send the dog into a situation where maybesomeone's armed, or has a knife and the dog can get hurt, it'll just be anextra protection for our K-9, so we're pretty excited about having this donatedto the department," said Goss.

JP's Black Belt Academy Director Jon Penny raised the funds for the vest. He saysoften times the K-9's are put in dangerous situations, so this vest will beextremely helpful in protecting him.

"Dogsthemselves, unlike officers, sometimes have to go in and get hands on, or theyhave to grab onto people when they're still exceptionally dangerous, and so wewanted to give them armor that, if a knife is involved, it can give them thatprotection," said Penny.

Chief Goss andGideon's handler Officer Williams say they are thankful to JP's for thedonation and that it will be a very useful tool to have for Gideon.

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