Rogers student charged with felony assault in fight with teacher

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A fight at Rogers High School during lunch Thursday was caught on cell phone video and now one student involved is facing consequences.

The video, which was recorded and placed by another student, shows a freshman female student running toward another when a teacher intervened.

"Situations like this in the district don't happen every day, this is something that is very rare," said TPS Chief of Staff Brian Murphy.

The student has since been suspended, and TPS has scheduled her for an expulsion hearing. She could be expelled 11-80 days.

"For situations this serious, we do make sure the student is charged criminally and prosecuted," Murphy said.

Originally, that student was facing a misdemeanor assault charge, but once the prosecutor's office and detectives investigated they realized this was a felony because the victim was a teacher.

"The sad thing is the lack of respect for educators," said Juvenile Prosecutor Lori Olander. "We really want to dig our heels in with the felony and they need to know there are consequences."

Law enforcement and TPS officials are hoping this case will warn other students to not be the star of a similar video.

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