State Report Card: Achievement low at TPS, but district making progress

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo Public Schools scored low on the student achievement portion of the state report card, but the Ohio Department of Education says the district is making progress.

The state says 69 percent of TPS students passed state-mandated tests last year. That earns the district a "D" grade. When the state dug deeper into those testing scores, it found TPS met only 8.3 percent of the state's indicators.

The state also says TPS needs to do better when it comes to graduation rate. The ODE says 64.5 percent of TPS students graduate in 4 years, with 69.9 percent earning a diploma within 5 years. Both percentages earn the district "F" grades.

Superintendent Dr. Romules Durant says students who don't attend class become a "0" for the district and in turn lower the overall average. This year Durant says changes are being made to address that.

TPS also gets an "F" when it comes to what the state calls "gap closing." The state says gap closing measures student performance in reading and math, as well as graduation rate.

Durant says TPS has also implemented new programs this year to better prepare students taking Ohio Graduation Tests.

There is some good news for TPS, though. When it comes to urban schools in the state, out of those 8, TPS came out on top. The district earned an "A" grade in "value-added," which measures how much students in fourth through eighth grades improve from year to year in math and reading.

TPS Transformational Leader of Curriculum Executive Jim Gault says the value-added grade went from an "F" to an "A"  this year.

"We are the only urban that is seeing an "A" in value added, all the other urbans are looking at us. So, we are getting two years of work of growth for students grades 4 through 8," said Gault. "As that continues throughout our system and as we target intervention programs like we did in the elementaries and put them in high school, I think we're going to see tremendous growth there as well."

The district got a "C" for gifted students, but "A" grades for both students in the bottom 20 percent of achievement and for students with disabilities.

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