Call 11 for Action: DMV investigating Toledo business owner

Call 11 for Action: DMV investigating Toledo business owner

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Toledo business owner is being investigated by the department of motor vehicles after concerns that the owner isn't being fair with his services.

Matt Miller brought his truck to Laskey Auto and Tire Services back in February for some work and it still isn't done.

Miller was given receipt after receipt totaling to over $14,000 for his 1999 Ford Explorer.

Miller called Toledo News Now Call 11 for Action two weeks ago, saying the owner Nelson Schulak wouldn't give him a clear answer on what was going on with his vehicle.

When asked for a response Nelson said there were a number of reasons why the service on Matt Miller's truck was delayed.

Nelson said the engine required foreign parts that take time to find and someone broke into his business and took $20,000 worth of equipment.

Miller says he only wanted his truck to be fixed.

"Be true to your word, you are a mechanic," said Miller referring to Nelson. "I've given you money up front and it's time to step up and do the right thing."

Nelson apologized over the phone to Miller and vowed to make the situation right or he would tow the truck to Miller's home and refund his money. A week later Nelson did take the truck to Miller's home with the motor in pieces.
Miller says Nelson said he would give him his money by next week.

Right now the DMV is investigating Nelson but cannot give out any details.

Miller says this is a lesson learned and he is hoping his truck will be up and running by the end of September.

If you feel you were the victim of a scam, fraud or rip off, contact Call 11 for Action for help.

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