Mercy Health purchasing homes for more land

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - Mercy Health has already taken the land left after the old Center Elementary School was demolished, but now they are looking for more.

Mercy has already purchased a home directly north of Mercy Hospital on King Rd and Central Ave in Sylvania and are in the process of purchasing two more a little further north.

Mercy wants the space to create another entrance to the emergency room at Mercy Hospital.

Mercy Health Leader Sarah Bednarski says they want to have options and make the grounds more aesthetically pleasing.

"Should the need rise for any additional medical services here in Sylvania Township that Mercy can provide we have the space to be able to build on," said Bednarski.

The sales of the homes should be finalized within the coming weeks. The homes will be demolished before the end of the year and the emergency room should be up and running by the of fall 2015.

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