Springfield Township's winter salt needs may be too expensive

SPRINGFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - Springfield Township is just one of the communities being asked to pay four times more for road salt this winter.

Last year, the township paid $32 a ton, this year the bids came in at $134.

"That's a little ridiculous," said resident Larry Carroll. "I understand prices go up, but to go from what they were to what they are now - nobody understands."

"To me that seems an outrageous price, but if that is what they have to pay then I guess we don't have a choice," said resident Arlene Shepherd.

Springfield Township has 1,400 tons of salt. Last winter they used 2,000 tons of salt. If northwest Ohio has another winter like the last, the township may not have enough.

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation, there are 80 counties in Ohio that get their salt through a co-op with them. Springfield Township is one of them.

"ODOT rejected the first bid, because the amount was so high, thinking that if we go back and rebid, the salt companies would come in at a lower price. However, that wasn't the case. The salt companies came back in at the same price," explained Director of Public Services for Springfield Township Mike Hampton.

ODOT officials in Columbus say they are still in the process of trying to negotiate lower prices for Ohio communities.

Springfield Township is not alone in its need for more salt. Maumee has 1,000 tons and is looking for at least 3,500 more. Sylvania has 1,200 tons on hand, and is looking for 500-1,000 more.

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