Post-storm flooding a problem for west Toledo residents, school

Flooding on Woodbridge
Flooding on Woodbridge
Inside a Northpointe computer lab
Inside a Northpointe computer lab

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A day after torrential downpours flooded the Toledo area, some parts of town are still dealing with the extra water.

"I say, 'Here we go again,' and I watch my backyard flood up and my front yard flood up and wait to see how long it takes to get full again," said Tamara Dye, who lives on Woodbridge off Bancroft.

On Thursday, the flood waters were only a couple inches deep, but Dye and other residents say they had to deal with water up to their knees on Wednesday – and not for the first time.

Dye says she and her neighbor, Barbara Cone Collins, want the city to do something about this problem.

"We want something done about this. This has gone on too many years," Cone Collins said. "Every time it rains, we have to worry about our property."

The flooding is costly to clean up and it's taking a toll on property values in the neighborhood.

"I understand there are budgets cuts, but this is ridiculous," Dye said. "We've been fighting with this every year. It gets worse and worse."

Cone Collins says her family has received some answers, but not the answers they want to hear.

"My family has lived here 60 years-plus. We paid to put the sewers in years ago," she said. "Then if we complain, they say if we want to have them redone, we have to pay for them again when we are paying taxes and everything."

Not far away at Northpointe Academy on Victory Avenue, class had to be canceled Thursday and Friday due to flood damage. School officials say this is the second time this has happened in that building.

When custodians arrived at Northpointe Thursday morning, they were greeted with six inches of water in the basement. Kindergarten classrooms, the cafeteria, and computer labs all flooded. School supplies and computers will need to be replaced, but the academy just spent $10,000 last spring cleaning up a similar mess.

Plumbers told the school leaders the flooding is caused by the city's sewers being clogged or backed up.

"We would like to have a sit-down meeting with the city and see how we can prevent this from happening again," said Andre Fox from Northpointe Academy.

Toledo News Now's calls to the city regarding flooding issues were not returned.

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