People in Rossford can now report non-emergency crimes online

ROSSFORD, OHIO (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - The Rossford Police Department now has an online crime report to help keep non-emergency crimes from stacking up.

Rossford Police Chief Glenn Goss says since Rossford is a smaller city they have a smaller police department, so when emergencies happen all on duty police and first responders report.

"I think it helps the department as a whole by maybe filtering the timing of calls," said Goss. "It's not uncommon in a small department like ours to have every officer that you have available working that shift, on one call."

Chief Goss says the new report a crime system allows people to report things like identity theft or lost property and that the new system will help keep dispatchers and police organized.

"It's just another, reaching out to the community and saying we now offer this for your report, maybe non violent, non urgent crimes, stuff like that," said Goss.

The department has put a list up on their website of the crimes that can be reported online and the ones that should be called into 911.

Resident Lynn McBride says she thinks the new system is a great idea.

"I would think it would be a good idea, also you have an opportunity to speak to somebody and take your time to put down exactly what it is you want to talk to them about," said McBride. "Instead of rushing over and saying I need to speak to someone right away, when there might not be someone available right away."

If you need to report a non-emergency crime visit, go to forms and reports and click report a crime. An officer will then be assigned to your case.

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