Perrysburg Township could terminate Perrysburg Heights Community Center lease in 30 days

PERRYSBURG TOWNSHIP, OH (Toledo News Now) - Perrysburg Township Trustees have informed the Perrysburg Heights Community Center of their intention to terminate the lease on the building the organization currently uses.

Trustees say the center has violated its lease agreement with the township in two ways. First, trustees say center leaders have failed to remove trash and debris from the premises, and have not mowed the lawn. Trustees also say excess vegetation has been allowed to grow on the property.

The second concern, as outlined in the letter from Township Administrator Walter Celley to Perrysburg Heights Community Association President Jesse Spier, relates to how the property is being used. Celley says the lease requires the center to be used "for public purpose."

"It is my understanding that the premises are being rented to third parties for activities which do not consistently benefit the general public," wrote Celley.

Celley says the Heights Community Association has failed to document how the center is used.

In the letter, dated September 11, trustees say the center has 30 days to remedy the violations.

Read the full letter here.

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