Scam trying to benefit from 9/11

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Thursday marks the 13th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of September 11th, and while the nation pauses to remember the victims, a scammer could be benefiting from it.

Lt. Matthew Hertzfeld of the Toledo Fire and Rescue Department says someone called their dispatch center on Tuesday reporting a suspicious call. Someone had left a voice mail saying they were a representative of Toledo Fire and they were collecting money for burn victims.

The Toledo Fire Department does not solicit donations over the phone and Lt. Hertzfeld believes the scammer is using the 9/11 anniversary to prey on unsuspecting victims.

"There are those predators out there that want to take advantage of such things as a sacred day as 9/11 and they want to do that in order to scam other people for their own benefit, for their own money. It's just unbelievable that folks would do that," said Hertzfeld.

The person who received the call did not call back or send in money but Toledo Fire doesn't know how many other people are potential victims. They wanted to get the warning out to the public.

Hertzfeld says if you get a call not to give out any personal information, any banking information and contact the fire department.

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