TPD partnering with business owners to reduce crime

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - As part of a new initiative Toledo Police are partnering with local business owners in an effort to keep crime out of area communities.

Within the past year TPD has added seven community service officers to its department.

Councilwoman Sandy Spang is working with Captain Cheryl Hunt on the initiative, pairing up the community service officers with small businesses. The councilwoman says business owners can create foot traffic that helps reduce crime.

"The small business owner can be the eyes and ears that can be helpful to the police," said Spang. "Their efforts and the police can help small business owners to be more effective."

The new program will allow police to hold workshops for small business associations, teaching owners how to keep an eye out for credit fraud, how to preserve evidence in the event of a crime and how to prevent a robbery.

The initiative will kick off in January.

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