Black Swamp Arts Festival vendor has $1,000 stolen from booth

BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Black Swamp Arts Festival is one of the biggest art festivals innorthwest Ohio and last weekend brought in thousands to the Bowling Green area.

On Sunday, sometime between 8 a.m. and noon, someone stole a bagcontaining $1,000 cash from a candied almond vendor at the festival.

Bowling Green Police Major Tony Hetrick says with so many people in oneplace finding one suspect is a challenge.

"There were throngs ofpeople walking past," said Hetrick. "It's going to be real hard to pick out anindividual, especially when they're conductionbusiness with people walking up. They may have been distracted by one personwhile another person went around, we're not sure yet whathappened."

Hetrick says the good news is that Downtown Bowling Green hassurveillance cameras and has the vendor's booth on video. Hesays that the police will be looking through the four hours of footage to seeif they can pinpoint who may have taken the money.

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