Raisin Twp residents seeing a $95 property tax increase this winter

RAISIN TOWNSHIP, MI (Toledo News Now) - Raisin Township in Lenawee County has been given the green light to tax it's residents for some much needed street repairs.

Raisin officials voted 4 to 3 in favor of the tax that will help fix secondary roads in the township.

The tax, which will increase property owners taxes by $95, will kick in this winter.

Raisin Superintendent Jim Palmer says they expect it to bring in more than $300,000, allowing them to start repairing at least 30 miles of damaged roads.

"We hope that this process will help us get started," said Palmer. "Maybe that's the process materializing to make the roads safer and better for people to travel on."

This tax proposal has stirred up a heated debate between those for it and those against it. Green Highway resident Arthur Morgan says he sees both sides of this issue.

"I'm okay with the $95, if I knew it would repair our roads to satisfactory condition," said Morgan. "But I'm worried that money isn't going to be enough to repair the roads."

Township officials say the plan is to tax property owners $95 a year for five years. Road projects are expected to get underway in the spring.

A public hearing on this proposal is scheduled for September 22.

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