Couple arrested after woman they care for is attacked by pit bulls

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo Police arrested Norman and Susan Demski who according to police left a woman they were caring for alone unable to fend for herself when she was attacked by pit bulls.

Susan Demski says she and her husband Norman have been caring for Norman's mentally and physically handicapped sister Lori for 21 years.

"I feed her, bathe her, make sure she is clean, make sure she has everything she needs," said Susan.

According to investigators, last Tuesday Norman called 911 after returning home from work to find his sister on the floor being attacked by pit bulls.

Susan says she left Lori alone only planning to be gone for a few minutes but she ended up being away from the house for two hours. Susan says before she left she locked up the three pit bulls the couple were dog sitting.

"The pit bull was there," said Susan. "I had one upstairs and one downstairs and I do not know how they got out."

The couple is now facing patient endangerment charges.

Both Susan and Norman say nothing like this has ever happened before and they are torn up about Lori's injuries.

The Demskis say Lori received major injuries to her arms and is still in the hospital after surgery.

Investigators also report Lori had what appeared to be human bite marks on her thighs and buttocks and was lying amongst dog feces on the floor of a roach-infested house - all of which the couple denies.

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