Mom says TPS doesn't provide enough interpreters for deaf daughter

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - A Waite High School parent is speaking out about the lack of sign language interpreters in school, which she says is preventing her daughter from getting the education she deserves.

Karen Lipscomb says she's had to pull her daughter out of school the last two days because there aren't interpreters in the classroom. In one class, she says her daughter will have an interpreter and in the next, she won't.

"It's very hard for her. She feels completely left out and disconnected to her peers," Lipscomb said.

Her daughter Katlyn Grant is a junior at Waite. She plays volleyball and she's a pitcher on the JV softball team.

Lipscomb says the interpreter problem has been going on for several years, but TPS officials say this is only a recent occurrence.

"We want to ensure that our kids get the best quality education, and to do that we need to provide services, and that's exactly what we're going to do," said TPS Chief of Staff Brian Murphy. "We're going to get services over to Waite High School as soon as we can."

Murphy says it's been challenging finding qualified interpreters this year – not just in their district but the state as a whole – and he says the district is taking full responsibility for their actions.

"The district is obligated…to provide services to the students, and whatever the services are, we have to follow through with them," he said.

TPS will be hiring temporary interpreters as soon as Wednesday.

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