Tecumseh Police Department getting body cameras

TECUMSEH, MI (Toledo News Now) - The Tecumseh Police Department will soon have Vie Vu video cameras that police officers can wear on their uniforms.

Tecumseh Police Department will be receiving 12 more body cameras, one for each police officer on duty.

The cameras cost about $800 each, which came from the money that was intended for a new police car. Tecumseh Police Chief Troy Stern says it was more important to go in the direction of the cameras.

"Prosecution and jurisdictions that had body worn cameras go up tremendously because people understand everything they say is being recorded by the officer and that helps us tremendously," said Stern.

Tecumseh is one of the first police departments to utilize this technology and Chief Sterns says it's a tool that will now compliment the in-car video cameras.

"This is a progressive move," said Stern. "I think this is something that you are going to see in the future with the majority of law enforcement agencies."

Police officers in Tecumseh will be training with the devices over the next few weeks and will begin utilizing the cameras by the end of the month.

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