EDITORIAL: The heinous crime of rape

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Rape is a heinous crime that is sadly, all too common on America's college campuses.

The time between the start of school and Thanksgiving break is the most dangerous time for freshman women.

A recent study showed about half of all rapes that occur on campus happen between August and November. Think about that. If you are a parent, talk to your daughter and your son.

Equally sad, most of these women never report the assault. They stay silent out of fear or embarrassment. And when they do come forward, they face questions about their own actions before or after the assault as though something they did caused the rape.

We have to stop this culture of blaming the victim. We have to treat all rape investigations as serious and all victims as blameless until the facts are truly known. And the punishment fit the facts, even if it involves a famous college athlete.

We have to provide better support for victims and tougher penalties for those found responsible.

This is a silent epidemic and we shouldn't stay silent about it any further.

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