North Baltimore considering prohibiting railroads from blocking crossings

NORTH BALTIMORE, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Village ofNorth Baltimore is looking into legislation that could prohibit railroads fromblocking crossings.​

Chet Marcin, ofMarcin & Dunipace Attorneys at Law, is working with the village on theissue. He says that the night of the fire at HPJ Industries, CSX wasmaking repairs to a railway, and did not notify the village, causing bigproblems for crews trying to get to the fire.

"Normallythey inform us when they're going to do that so that the emergency services canbe rerouted, and they know in advance that they might have to be rerouted, andhow long the crossing might be closed, and in this case, the village didn't getnotice," Marcin said.

Sometimestrains stop on the tracks in the village, waiting for the new intermodalfacility to clear out.

While Marcinsays it's a great facility and an asset to Wood County, they need to beprepared for blockages. He's working with the village to find new legislationthat could help them form ordinances to make sure this doesn't keep happening.

Marcin says CSXis usually very cooperative with them, and they are hopeful this situationwon't be any different.

"Inlooking at the Ohio revised code, there are already provisions blockingcrossings within a certain period of time by trains, and the railroad can bepenalized for that or cited for that, and it's all under state code," saidMarcin.

He's set tomeet with the village in the next couple of weeks.

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