$25 million Showcase Cinemas lot will soon be welcoming new businesses

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Toledo City Councilman Tom Waniewski says Hampton Inn and Suites located at 3500 Secor Road recently opened its doors and already business is booming.

According to the councilman, more retail establishments and restaurants are planning to make the move to Secor Road in the near future.

Waniewski couldn't elaborate on what companies plan on calling the old Showcase Cinemas lot home.

Waniewski says city council will soon be wanting input from residents when the companies are announced.

"There might be some folks who say you know what, it's too much here or it's taking away from the locals, or whatever their comments will be," said Waniewski. "We want to hear that. So, as the development starts to unfold we will engage the residents to ask their input."

Holiday Inn Express is expected to join the Secor development within the next year.

Waniewski says it will be announced within the next month what other companies are interested in setting up shop.

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