Sylvania Schools now allowing all students to acquire lunch debt

SYLVANIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - Sylvania schools have several healthy options including fresh fruits and vegetables, but some of those options are more expensive than others. Now all students will be given the option of a healthier choice whether they can pay for it or not.

It is a part of a new program that allows the students to acquire debt. In the past only the elementary and middle school students had this option but now all students including high school will have the opportunity to get a healthier lunch.

Southview parent Loubertha Hych says the new lunch program is a good move by the school.

"Kids cannot concentrate and study like they are suppose to, if you are hungry," said Hych. "They need to eat in order to be able to study and do the homework because if they are hungry they can't do it."

Director of Food Services Joseph Shamy says the program will allow the students more options for lunch.

"We would still feed them a meal," said Shamy. "It is just that we would offer them more choice now."

Before students at the elementary and middle schools could acquire debt for up to two lunches and high school students could not charge at all, leaving some students with less options for lunch.

Director Shamy says now students don't have to stress out over lunch.

"We believe students have enough pressure already," said Shamy. "They have enough things going on with education and everything else that goes on in their life that they don't need to worry about coming into line and worrying whether they have money for food or not."

Shamy says he has wanted a system in place like this since he started with the school four years ago. He says it is also making the cafeteria a safe place.

"Sylvania Schools, we want to make sure that kids get a good healthy well rounded meal in a hospitable environment," said Shamy. "We model these friendly behaviors everyday so that our students know how to treat other people."

Sylvania parents can go to or download the my school bucks app to deposit money for student lunches.

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